We are business-to-business PR, corporate comms, content and social specialists that create positive impacts for people and the planet.

Companies earn people's respect based on what they stand for and how they behave, as much as the products and services they create.

We believe long-lasting, truly successful business reputations are built by people: their behaviours, their narratives, their connections. Whether you are a digital start-up or an established technology business, we can work with you to meet your goals, help you grow and protect your company’s reputation by getting your story heard and understood.

In an increasingly digital world, human storytelling has never been more important for connecting with people. We can help you shape the conversations you have with the communities you want to engage with: from customers and employees, to investors, regulators and wider society.

Our Experience

Humankind works hand-in-hand with sister agency Fanclub providing clients with a fully integrated external, internal and digital communications offering spanning consumer, business-to-business and corporate.

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